Since I graduated from Beckman School of Design in 2004, my career has taken off with a variety of assignments all over the world, principally in fashion, lifestyle, food, and beauty. Currently, plant nurseries are my great inspiration, with their colors, shapes, and scents. I love to illustrate fallen fruit and earthy roots as a contrast to glitzy launches of exclusive perfumes. What is significant for my style is that I work very simply and cleanly in combination with more details and focus on texture and contrasts. I often focus on close-ups and small details, using transparent watercolors that flow out into the picture. I also like to leave a part of the picture incomplete for the viewer to fill in.


Arcadia Group | Arbetsliv | Arla | Arvid Nordquist | Audemars Piguet, Bloomingdales | Bordeaux Wines | Brigitte Magazine | Cervera | Cosmopolitan | Coop | Dagens Nyheter | Damernas Värld | Danone | Experience Magazine (AmEx) | Femina | Freundin Magazine | Glamour | Harrods | HM Magazine | Kicks | Kupé | Libresse | Lindex | Läkerol | Nike | NK Stil | Nokia | NZZ Magazine | Ocean Terminal | Oriflame | Pucci | Red Cross Sweden | Renault | Returpack | Rives | Stadium | Sophie by Sophie | Specsavers | Stella Magazine | Stockholm Eye Center | The Book People | The Sunday Telegraph |The Wall Street Journal | Victoria's Secret | WE | Åhléns

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